Highland Xtreme

TSD Rally

01 Time - Speed - Distance.

Time-speed-distance or TSD rally, is a type of motorsportrally with the object of driving each segment of a Course in a specified time at a specified average speed. The rally is usually conducted on public roads, but sometimes includes off-road.Contestants usually compete in teams composed of a driver and a navigator. Teams usually start a TSD rally at fixed intervals, creating a field that is spread along the course. TSD rallying does not depend on the abilities of the driver at high-speed nor does it depend on the speed that the vehicle can achieve. For this reason, ordinary motor vehicles can be used.therefore, is a far less expensive sport and can be enjoyed by a far greater spectrum of people.

02 Night Safari

Our wild night safari and camping journey essentially starts in summers, we decide on an area to visit, and then begin poring over maps to look at the topography of the landscape. We often find that within twenty minutes of leaving behind the Highway and driving into the warm embrace of nature.. trees, sounds of birds singing and beautiful sights surround. If you are lucky you might spot wild animals. Considering all the safety measures we plan to pitch our tents. You just need to pack up your kit and jump in your jeeps to visit a new part of our surrounding areas. You drive into a remote place with us at night in convoy with a few more, and reach to a place where tents have been pitched already. The difference between others and our camping is that we do it in a designated campsite and driving into back-country, finding a perfect secluded spot next to a babbling stream miles away from any other humans. You get to enjoy campfire, barbeque, have freshly cooked hot food in the middle of nowhere with company of your loved ones, right under a breathtaking view of stars, something that we city people are deprived of. After driving and camping at night we pack up again shortly after sunrise. The unwritten rules of wild camping focus around respecting the land and leaving no trace behind. And at the end We are sure you will experience a connection with the environment around us, heightened by the wind, sun and rain.

Night Safri
4x4 Extreme Monsoon Challenge

03 4x4 Extreme Monsoon Challenge

For all the 4x4 fanatics, we have the special monsoon challenge trail and rally program that we organize. This gives you to push your endurance to the extreme and the limits of your 4x4 get tested to the hardships. The whole event gets organized in the rain forest especially at the monsoons. The planned location and terrain is unforgiving and rugged and shows no mercy at you. The whole saga includes drama, action and heroism where who dares with 4x4, wins. The terrain has muddy trails, rain, slopes, ruts, flooded rivers and landslides that leave you challenged and wanting for more.

04 Camping

Our camping trips give you a time to spend along with your family on the adventurous route. Here in this trip, you can meet fellow rally members along with their family and bond together on the common platform of interests. The terrain gives you lot more to explore and your family enjoys this weekend getaway with you at every adventurous turn.

Adventure Tour

05 Adventure Tour

Adventure tour has all the trails and terrain carefully selected and mapped keeping in mind the surroundings. We make sure that we are never going against the nature or disturbing it while planning an adventure terrain. The tour gives you lot many possibilities to explore and connect you with your machine. You get to know a lot more about yours and the vehicles limit and in the process polish your driving and off-roading skill to new levels.

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