About Us

Central Motorsports was started in 2010, by a group of off roaders and what started as a hobby a decade ago became become a serious passion for them. The group was passionate for adventure and driving on different terrains. They were self-driven and incessantly worked on increasing skills by experimenting facing all odds in a small city like Indore. Every year, the passion grew and it converted from mere off roading to serious rallying and Motorsports.

Central Motorsports launched its first TSD rally in town "HIGHLAND XTREME" 1st edition by now and provided common ground for fellow enthusiasts, to learn about their vehicle and improve their driving skills and before we could say "Top Gear" we had raced to our 7th successful year! Yes!

This is our 7th year of successfully attracting adrenaline seeking enthusiasts, and we have no plans to apply brakes in the near future. Just as our very first Time-Speed-Duration rally which was organized in the year 2010, we invite participants from all segments and encourage them to push their limits for rallying and off-roading to the extreme. We get entries not only from Indore but from all across India. Today, we are a 80+ members' team and we are adding more muscle to our team.

We are just not limited to male entrants. Over the past years, many women participants have enrolled their names in the rally and actively participated in them. We have adventure tours too, where members and fellow participants can bring along their families to not just enjoy rides but enjoy nature too. All you need to do is to have a car, bike or any other motorized vehicle and you can join us in our trail of adventure. We have rallies and trips all year round and with us you can never run out of a trip that not only excites, but serves a vent to bring out the expert driver in you. What's more, it also helps to polish your driving and riding skills while also having a whale of a time! So make your move, join us as we race together in search of some real adrenaline, some real fun!

Not only this we give a person a platform to understand and learn what Motorsport is all about. Its not always bout fast cars or just about big SUV s but a person can persue this passion even by his or her regular vehicle. People have a lot of myth bout Motorsports that its dangerous or it requires extreme preparations etc. which is why we feel that people need to be educated about it and they will only understand it once they participate and take a first hand experience.

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